So, you want to start a web page? That or you tried to search what CMS stands for and came across this dandy little article. We can start by telling you that CMS stands for content management system. What is that you ask? It’s just a nifty little application that allows you to be a computer wiz by helping you avoid hand coding. Some of you are probably really knew to trying to understand how to use this application, and have probably only used the computer for social media and maybe a cute cat video or two. I would like to take this first half explaining common terms and breaking everything down. For those who are a bit more advanced, go ahead and skip these first few pages.

Let’s start with the first phrase that Was used; hand coding. It means actually going in and modifying the source code. Ah, another fancy term. The source code are those gibberish words with a bunch of slashes that you always see whenever a “hacker” is about to totally get into the main frame and save the world or something. Essentially it is the skeleton of a website. (And here we thought is was made by cats) now you can either learn how to speak computer, or you can handle every thing with a CMS. Going with the CMS? Yea, that’s what we thought. Don’t let the fancy acronym scare you off. You’ll find it to be a friendly Interface, with thanks to different companies can allow you to select the particular platform for your needs.

Say it with me, CMS is my friend. Being around since late 1990, it’s commonly used to run websites. Usually containing things such as: blogs, shopping, news, aunt Shirley’s page dedicated to her Pomeranian in colorful sweaters. Mostly the point of a content management system is to organize and store files, and to provide version controlled access to their data. It helps you keep everything in order while not having to become a total computer lord while still giving you that oh so satisfying feeling of being one. For a solid solution that encompasses CMS, domain names and a free website builder, Dynadot is the way to go. Keep in mind that this is mostly going to help small business owners understand how using CMS can help them out in short and long term. You will be surprised by how much money can go into having someone,she create and manage your web site. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.